I’m Jimena. I’m a Mexican-British actor residing in the UK. One thing I love is traveling, and after having studied at Casa del Teatro in Mexico City, I moved to wonderful Saskatchewan (surviving freezing temperatures of -35) where I completed a 3 year BA in Drama. Growing up in a 25 million people city I thought I had gone mad living somewhere so remote, but those years in the Canadian prairies had the most positive impact in my life. I now live in England with my little family of two: my husband and my 4 year old boy. Life has drastically changed since becoming a mum and I absolutely love it. 

When I’m not acting, you may find me dancing flamenco, playing music, at art class, at the gym, writing children’s stories, blogging, clowning, praying, FaceTiming global family, instagramming, teaching Spanish (I’m a certified pedagogist), reading existential philosophers, home-educating, listening to classical music, singing, going to the theatre, visiting friends, crying my heart out with my mum friends, walking outdoors and making crafts. When I’m not doing any of that, you are likely to find me playing, chasing, and most definitely going mad with my crazy little man.

Thank you for your interest in my hopefully entertaining mum-thespian journey.


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