Chilled Mode – When Less is More

Hey! Been ages. Lots since I was last here. Been busy acting, been busy wife-ing, been busy mummying. I’m on my way to casting right now. This pic is of me today having breakfast at home with my little one before heading off.

My attitude towards my acting life has become much more chilled since becoming a mum. I have less time to worry or get nervous…or even prepare for auditions/jobs which I admit makes me a little anxious. However, the more experience I have in this business, the more I realize it’s important not to over-think or over-prepare. I didn’t think I did this but now I realize I did. I still learn my lines and do my research of course but I don’t have much time to prepare my delivery as I used to so I trust that my instinct will guide me…and it does! Sometimes I get the job and many times I don’t, but I’ve been absolutely loving being surprised by what I may bring to the table.

This change has been so crucial that I no longer fear auditioning. I actually look forward to the unexpected. I think that that makes me much more present and hopefully much more interesting to look at. It doesn’t always work of course; being a mum has also meant I’m sleep deprived and sleep deprivation severely messes up with your head so I struggle with being in the moment when all I can think of is sleep! However, all in all, the spontaneity that I see in my child everyday I’ve been applying at work and it feels, oh so very good.

In terms of bits of work I’ve done recently, I’ve been doing quite a bit of acting corporate jobs which are always cash-nice and I recently was in a short film called Conscript directed by Oliver Brown which is being selected for different film festivals (fun), and another short film called Babies by my mate and awesome director Martin O’Brien.

Have been auditioning, have been rejected, have been working, have been having lots of fun. Grateful I love my job.

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