‘This job is so mine’ (or is it?)

It is indeed awesome when you book a job after having given up on it ages ago. Sometimes you hear about a job rather quickly, but sometimes it takes a while. In those times, the wait is hard, especially when you felt like you nailed the audition – you mastered the script, took direction confidently, left everyone in the room smiling AND the casting director congratulated you for your amazing performance: ‘This job is so mine!’ Ah, but then you don’t hear back, you give it two days and then either you a) give it more thought (and get so low you consider giving up your acting career…because on top of it all it was for an educational video, not Stranger Things) or you let it go and move on to what’s next (let it be another audition or a heated battle with your strong-willed toddler to change his nappy 🙋🏻). You most certainly have a better time if you choose option b (believe it or not…), AND more importantly when they actually DO ring you to offer you the job it comes as such a surprise that you humbly realize you had indeed been awesome at the audition! There’s no room for cockiness in the audition room I think; with time I’ve learned that letting go is the best way to stay both humble and confident when the offer does come your way.


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