We’re actually in 2019 with some new exciting things about to happen in 2020 but 2018 was a busy year and I don’t want to jump over it.

Day of the Living, RSC
This project actually started a few years ago as an R&D. It was fab but didn’t really go anywhere afterwards until the RSC got in touch with Amy Draper (the director), inviting her to take part at the RSC’s Mischief Festival. Nearly all the cast from a few years ago plus some amazing additions got reunited for this. It was an unforgettable experience. I moved up to Stratford-upon-Avon and my family traveled up and down every week.
The play was completely devised and it was inspired on the disappearance of the 43 students from Ayotzinapa, Mexico in 2014. It was a privilege to give voice to the survivors of this atrocity and an honour to remember those who are still missing. Career-wise, this job stretched me in every way. I had to sing, dance, do mask work, play instruments and even rap.
Spider-Man Far From Home, MARVEL
I was officially part of the MARVEL world, although practically speaking, my scene didn’t make the final cut so I’m not actually in the film which was slightly disappointing. However, that day on set, I’ll never EVER forget nor ever take for granted.
I first auditioned for this when I was still in Stratford-upon-Avon. I remember taking the train down for it. A few weeks later I was invited for a recall, and I was told I got the job the next day. I was beyond happy!
On the day, I got picked up at 5.30 am. Got to set and was taken to my trailer and then hair and make up. I was then driven to set and when I turned around I was walking next to Samuel L. Jackson and Colbie Smulders. I introduced myself to both Samuel and Colbie, shook their hands and I nearly wet my pants. That was one of the most exciting bits of my day on set. After that I did a lot of waiting around. I noticed there was a bottle of water with my name written on it and next to it was another bottle with the name ‘Jake’. I moved it a little to look at the surname ‘Gyllenhaal’. Seconds later, there he goes past me dressed as Mysterio. It was all too surreal to be true.
Eventually, I was called on set and was on for approximately 5 minutes. I was asked to improvise some stuff in Spanish which a did, two takes, done! Jon Watts, the director, literally saying: ‘cut, great, we got it, let’s move on.’ And that was that!
The whole theatre was covered in sonnets, some were written about on walls, screens, theatre…and many of them were told by an incredible group of actors who were scattered about all over the Globe. Then we would all gather on the main stage, and for the first time in my life, I was given the opportunity to perform on it with these two legends, Paul Jenkins and Peter Hamilton Dyer. I will never forget it. What an opportunity!
This has been one of those works-in-progress which are great fun because even though our first time rehearsing/performing it was 2018, we’ve actually performed it twice again in 2019, the latest being at the Petrie Museum. I’ve learned a whole lot on healthcare science, and have been lucky to work with some wonderful people. Can’t wait for more!

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